Project Kickoff

The project kickoff meeting allows us to clearly define the purpose and direction of the project so that all parties involved can work towards a common goal. We'll go over important project details so that visions are aligned as we focus on the right priorities.

  • Project Pitch Deck
  • User Personas
  • Customer Journey Map (Visual Flowcharts)
  • Site Navigation
  • Goals

UI/UX App Prototypes

Our product strategists and UI/UX team will conduct weekly meetings to help validate project requirements through interactive prototypes for all defined apps. This crucial approach eliminates assumptions and guesswork for all applications before development begins.

  • New User UX
  • Returning User UX
  • Figma Prototypes
  • Feature Documentation

Project Plan

Upon step 2 completion, our senior app developers thoroughly review the app prototypes noting any gaps or unfinished scenarios that could create assumptions during development. Technology stack, feature estimations and product release timelines are the highlights of this step.

  • Development Features Estimates
  • Database Design
  • API Summary Specifications
  • Proposed Technology Stack
  • Product Launch Timelines
  • Budget Planning

Our Approach Eliminates Guesswork
Before Development

Our Consulting

  • App Strategy
  • App Prototypes
  • App Documentation
  • App Budget Planning
  • Product Validation
  • Existing App Optimization
  • Fintech Apps
  • Healthcare Apps

We Strategize All Types Of Apps

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