Increasing your positive reviews and ratings will surely make your app rise to the charts.

It’s important to gauge the opinions of your customers in the app world. In today’s overly crowded app store, positive reviews will make your app stand out. But app reviews don’t happen by themselves—you can’t expect to people to rate and compliment your app after downloading it. Chances are, the only time they’ll leave a review is when they had a bad experience with your app.

Increasing your positive reviews and ratings will surely make your app rise to the charts, as these two factors widely affect their visibility.

To help you out, here are some things that you can do to get more reviews.

Ask for a rating

This is the most straightforward ways to get a rating. As soon as the user opens the app, they are prompted to leave a rating. Even better, there are loads of plugins available that make it very easy to prompt the rating.

An example of the plugin is Appirater. However, do make sure that the pop-up message doesn’t appear too soon or too often as this may be disruptive to the user.

Engage your users

Another great way to get good app reviews is to give topnotch customer service. Having an email or instant messaging feature (like Uber’s support system) can help you communicate directly with users and address their concerns or suggestions in a snap. Once you’ve helped your customer, you can ask them to review and rate your app!

Time the prompt properly

It would be ironic to ask your users for a review during the first time they’ve opened the app. This results in a bad user experience, which make users less likely to leave a review since they haven’t even tested out the app completely. Prompts should be timed properly, such as when they’ve already accomplished something with the app or if the app has been installed for a week.

Give Rewards

While pop-ups are the easiest way to remind your users about leaving a review, a lot of people dislike intrusive popups. A more clever way to get reviews is by incentivizing your users. You can ask your users for a rating in exchange for in-app rewards and points.

All the tips above will surely compel your potential customers to leave reviews. However, the most important tip is this: Build a good app. If your app isn’t good enough, users won’t use it, and without users, you won’t have good reviews. It’s crucial to develop a really good app and deliver excellent service in order to make your users happy.

If you’re looking to build a good (or great!) app, our team can help you step-by-step. Let’s talk!