The Strategy phase is the first crucial step in the process of developing a mobile or web app.  It's also the most neglected step.  The purpose of strategy is to eliminate assumptions and guesswork.  Learn what are the minimum requirements needed before you hire any software developer.  Contact Us Today!

The Strategy phase lays down the foundation of your project.  We will conduct weekly meetings to help you validate requirements through interactive prototypes for all defined product entities (user, vendor, admin, super admin etc). The goal is to create a clear roadmap to product design and development through simplified sprints free from assumptions and guesswork.

Because developing an app involves many considerations, it is imperative that you have a clear and definite app strategy that will make the remaining phases of your project go smoothly. At its core, the Strategy phase will set you on the right track in all aspects: design, development, budget, timeframe, project risks and team.

During Strategy phase, we focus on :

Developing your app MVP

Back Design

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