3 Steps You Need To Take In Order To Market Your App Successfully

Posted by admin | November 14th 2017

There’s no doubt about it: mobile apps are popular. In fact, 89% of smartphone users spend time on mobile apps, according to a Nielsen survey. But before you launch, it’s important to set a solid marketing strategy in place. If you already have one, don’t pat yourself in the back just yet.

A good marketing strategy is absolutely crucial in ensuring that your apps gets out there and makes profit. A staggering 47% of app developers barely make profit – less than $100 per month. Let that sink in. While there are many reasons why apps fail to rake in money, an ineffective marketing strategy is certainly one big factor.

The bottomline is you can’t afford to not have an app marketing strategy in the cut-throat mobile app industry. Here are 3 steps you can take to formulate a marketing plan that will take you to great heights.

Have a plan for the future

It never hurts to have a short-term and long-term plan. Your marketing plan should be prepared first even before you think of releasing your app.

For example, you can start building your online presence by creating social media accounts, landing pages, and press releases. You can leverage the potential of these assets by giving information about your app, such as its main features, benefits, and launch date. Don’t stop there though. After the launch, continue giving regular updates to keep existing and potential users on their toes.

Having a well-thought plan in advance will help you market your app better, reach more people, and bring ROI (return of investment).

Make your app easy to find

While optimizing your app details for the App Store and Google Play is important, you also need to use other means to make it easier for your target audience to discover your app even before it’s released. One good way to do this is get feedback from users or submit your app to review sites and niche influencers. Don’t be intimidated by bad reviews – the point is to get your app out there and noticed by people who search for sites to find your app.

Reach out to niche influencers well in advance of your app release. This will build trust and rapport beforehand so that when your app is finally in the market, you can ask them to review or mention it.

Have a long-term marketing plan

As your business and mobile app evolves, so does your marketing plan. A good marketing plan is one that is continuously changes to adapt to the times. Your app will compete with thousands of existing (and upcoming!) apps everyday so it only makes sense to have a campaign before, during, and after your launch.

Ensuring that these three factors are implemented, you’ll have a stronger mobile app marketing plan that will pave the way for success and deliver the ROI you desire.

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