Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Posted by admin | October 19th 2017

Contrary to popular belief, mobile apps aren’t solely the territory of big-scale businesses. Small and mid-size businesses are now building their own apps to bring their marketing strategy to a new level and get noticed by potential customers. Need evidence? Smartphones owner spend 80% of their time on their phone using apps. These days, it’s not enough to simply have a mobile-friendly website. Be ahead of the game and see the reasons why your business needs an app.

Increase customer engagement

Chances are, your customers are constantly on their phones. Having your own app means they’ll be able to reach out to your business at their own terms - and vice-versa. It’ll be much easier for them to access your products and services with just a few taps.

On your end, you can gain insight about what users are saying about your business and what they want from you. This feedback helps improve your business and meet expectations. Customer support will also be better since you can respond faster to concerns or inquiries immediately through your app. By being actively in touch with your customers, you inspire customer loyalty.

Provide a platform to market your business

Your app can serve as your own personal marketing channel. By having a mobile app, you can cut costs by doing all your marketing activities in one place. You can easily inform customers about product offerings, sales, discounts, or events through push notifications. This means you won’t have to spend money on advertising that will likely be ignored or reach the wrong target audience.

Generate new leads for potential customers

Your app can give you new customers. People searching for your business can find you through your app or, alternatively, existing users can recommend you to their friends or relatives.

Establish stronger brand recognition

Your app is an extension of your business identity. It helps promote brand awareness by ensuring you’re always seen by customers. Moreover, they’ll be more inclined to actually buy your product or services. You can also use your app to tell customers about your business, the team behind it, product/service information, and news.

Having your own app can be truly beneficial for your business. It can open doors of opportunities you might have never thought before. Ready to build your app? Contact us!

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