Our Top 5 Tips To Improve App Retention

Posted by admin | August 11th 2017

There are millions of apps to cater to our every need: apps for transportation, apps for food delivery, or just a music player to relax. With thousands of apps released into app stores every day, developers face the difficulty of staying ahead of the competition and attracting new users. However, this isn’t where the challenge ends. App retention is another critical factor to stay afloat. However, there has been a recent spike in users downloading apps only to delete them shortly. The cost of retaining active users can be 25 times the cost of acquiring new users. According to a research conducted by Appboy, fewer than 25% of first time users use the app the next day and even further decrease to 11% after one week.

Whatever the reason, app retention remains a challenge for developers. The odds may be hard to beat but there are 5 methods we suggest to increase app retention.

Use push notifications

Push notifications are an effective way to increase app retention. In fact, statistics show that push notifications can increase app retention by 56%. These notifications can be used to remind users of events, urge them to complete a purchase, or offer them exclusive promos. Aside from push notifications, you can also opt to have an in-messaging feature. This feature allows you to send personalized messages within the app.

While push notifications or in-app messages can help retain users, be wary of sending too many. You might risk annoying users and end up losing them! If you’re interested in integrating push notifications or in-app messaging in your mobile app, you can book a free consultation with us.

Simplify onboarding

The rule: the harder it is to start using an app (confusing features, too many steps to sign up, etc.), the more likely users are to give up on it. Make the onboarding process as simple as you can. Don’t overload users with information. Focus on offering functionality and intuitive user experience that allows the user to understand your app’s feature on their own.

Offer incentives

Giving users incentives can drive retention and engagement. Rewards such as coupons, special discounts, limited promotions, and specialized content encourage users to keep coming back to your app.

Mobile personalization

Personalization goes a long way in providing great user experience. The more you give users the ability to customize your app according to their needs and preferences, the likelier they are to continue using it. Aside from allowing users to adjust settings, you can also personalize the user experience by using information to produce relevant in-app content (displaying the user’s name, in-app messaging).

Regular updates

Let’s face it: who wants to use an old or buggy app? An outdated app reflects negatively on developers since users feel like they’re not receiving the best service or they’re being neglected. Adding or updating new features and resolving issues will ensure that your app stays relevant—and in your users’ phones! Don’t forget to inform users each time you roll out updates.

All of these tips ensure that your users are continuously engaged and motivated to use your app. Remember that whatever tips you decide to integrate into your app, always create value for the user to increase user retention. Making retention a top priority for your business will help you reduce churn rates and convert initial users into long-term ones.

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