Must-Have Mobile App Features Your Users Will Love

Posted by admin | July 18th 2017

So you’ve decided to develop a mobile app. Understandably, it’s a no-brainer that you want users to love your app and keep using it.

Aside from your app’s basic features that allows it to be functionable, you may want to consider these additional features to make your app even better. These features are not specific to any specific category and can be applied to most apps. Add them to your app and see it stand out from a sea of competition!

Feedback system

Your users should have, at least, one way to give feedback on your app. It’s a critical feature that lets users easily report bugs or provide suggestions. Remember: it’s always a good thing to let users know that you’re open to constructive criticism and that their opinions matter to you. Simply adding a contact form or click-to-email form can do the trick.

A click-to-call button

According to, 75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response. Having a click-to-call button allows your users to easily book/order/reserve your products or services. The ability to call directly from your app is a great way to deliver customer service.

Push notifications

Done right, push notifications are a great way to engage users and keep them hooked on your app. Personalized notifications (think birthday greetings/promotions) or exclusive discounts can always get your users’ attention so don’t forget to take to advantage of this (often overlooked) feature!

Customized settings

Who doesn’t like customizing settings? The freedom to personalize settings (fonts, font sizes, colors, privacy settings, etc) can make users appreciate the fact that your app works the way they want.

If your app is a bit complex, a search system makes it easier for users to search content in your app. Create an intuitive search system by using filters to give accurate results. Don’t forget to make each result page easily accessible!

Social media integration

This feature makes it easier for users to share their (or your) content on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, it also make registering and logging in your app a breeze with just one to two taps.

Include analytics

As mobile app developers, we believe that analytics is a key factor to developing a successful app. Being able to track and recognize user action and behavior lets you measure the success of your app. Analytics is also essential for future development.

Got an app idea you want to share with us or just want to add more features to an existing app you have? We’re ready to help out!

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