7 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Company

Posted by admin | June 12th 2017

If you want to build a great app, you need an equally great team to build it. That’s a no-brainer. The right people will bring your app to life and exceed your expectations. But what is confusing is knowing how to hire the right team. The growing app industry is teeming with mobile app developers. So how do you choose the people to get the job done?

From over 10 years of industry experience, we want to share with you the seven essential questions you should ask when hiring a mobile app developer. These questions will help you find out if your developer has sufficient experience and expertise to create the app you want.

“Where can I find examples of apps you’ve developed?”

Your developer should be able to easily provide you with a list of apps they have created, along with links to the App Store or Google Play. “That way you can gauge whether or not they have the right skills, experience, and vision to produce the type of app you’re looking for,” says Chad Mureta, CEO of App Empire, an app development firm.

“May I have a list of current and past clients?”

You may choose to reach out directly to your developer’s past current and past clients to gather more information about your developer. They will be able to help you verify the apps your prospective development team claims to have created. Moreover, this will give you first-hand insight on how reliable, responsive, and result-oriented the company is. Josh Weiss of Bluegala says, “Speaking to these people is the best way to really get a sense of the quality of work the developer provides.”

“Who will own the app?”

The individual or company who commissioned the project will own the app. You should have full ownership of your app from day one. Any developer who refuses to turn over things such as IP address and codes to you will likely hold your project hostage, should you decide to pull it out. Now that’s definitely something you don’t want to happen.

Spare yourself the legal trouble later by making this signing a written contract between you and the app company. The written contract should cover areas such as:

  • Copyright
  • Confidentiality
  • Ownership of content, code, domain, and design
  • Fees and expected deliverable/deadlines

“How will we communicate?”

At the end of the day, the quality of your app largely depends on how clearly you communicate your requirements and expectations to your hired development team. Remember that transparency is key here. A good app company should be able to regularly communicate with you to update you on progress, costs, workflows, issues, and changes. You might also want to look at what kind of communication platform (email, messaging app, video calls) the company uses and see if you can easily adapt to it.

“How will my app make money?”

Your developer should know how to build features that will allow you to monetize your app. It’s only practical—after all, you want a return on your investment and gain additional revenue to continue development. Here are just some of the ways to make money from your app:

  • Advertisements
  • Charging for the app
  • ‘Freemium’ app

If you choose to make your app free, ask your developer if they are capable of integrating in-app purchases, mobile ads or subscription services within the app.

“How will you test my app?”

Testing your app is crucial at any stage of development and even after its launch. Your potential app developer should provide a detailed explanation of their testing process as well as identify and resolve bugs before launch. The company should also have a solid knowledge of testing platforms and a dedicated testers to test your app on every device.

“Will you submit my app to the app store?”

The last step in the development process is for the app company to submit it to an app store for approval. This process can take a long time and your developer should already know how to handle this. “If your mobile developer does not guarantee that your app will get approved…then move on to the next developer,” adds Roger Bryan of Enfusen Digital Marketing

Whichever questions you decide to ask, your developer should be able to answer them truthfully and confidently. Don’t hesitate to probe into things you want to know more about. After all, this is an investment and you need to get what you deserve. If you need help in figuring out the next step to take for your app idea, we’re always ready to listen and help you out.

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