Our Top Tips For Naming Your Mobile App

Posted by admin | February 28th 2017

Sometimes, naming your mobile application can be as difficult as, say, the design and development phases. After all, a great deal of consideration is required before you settle on a name. If you believe that first impressions count, then your app name is your chance to capture your potential users’ attention and compel them to download your app.

Failing to give a strong name to your app means that it is likely to be unrecognized, or worse, forgotten. While there are certainly a lot of things to consider before you name your app, here are our top tips to help you pick out an app name.

Keep the name easy simple and easy to remember.

Unless you want users to forget your app name, it’s best to avoid fancy names and stick to something simple (but memorable!) that reflects your brand or your app’s purpose. Be sure that it’s easy to pronounce as well. While it’s fun to come up with a totally unique name, consider the fact that people might find it confusing, or even frustrating, to pronounce your app name!

Don’t forget to keep your app name short. As a rule of thumb, keep it between 3 to 5 words and 11 characters.

Don’t be a copycat.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little inspiration from another popular app’s name but there’s a way to do it without being a rip-off. Put your own spin to your inspiration to still retain a bit of uniqueness.

If you have already picked out a name, do check for other apps with similar names. Aside from copyright issues that can arise later on, potential users might confuse it for another app.

Consider SEO

If it’s possible, include keywords in your app name. Use keywords that are most searched by your target audience. SEO (search engine optimization) helps search engines, such as Google, to find your app and add you to their top results. Google Adwords can help you out with this.

Don’t forget your app URL! Your app URL also plays a key role in SEO. By default, your app name will be your URL so avoid using unnecessary or special characters.

Know the difference between the Apple and Google Stores

The Apple and Google Stores have different app name requirements. Apple has a 255 character limit but we highly suggest that you don’t go beyond 80. Meanwhile, Google limits app names to 30 characters.

Get some help from name generators. As a last resort.

We don’t recommend going this route but if you’re stuck on a name, try using a name generator. It might sound silly but this can help you finally think of a name.

Test your app name.

Before submitting your app to stores, ask people if they like your app’s name. Their feedback will be highly useful to see if your app name is, indeed, effective.

Your app’s name plays a big role in ensuring your app’s success. While your app’s quality is what truly matters, a good app name will reach more potential users. So don’t rush into naming your app—take your time and you’ll eventually find the right one.

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