Easy Ways to Get Your App Noticed

Posted by admin | January 10th 2017

After your app is created, the work doesn’t stop there. You need to put your app in the market and promote it. With so many apps out there, you don’t want yours to be lost in a pile. So how do you make your app visible and get downloads? By applying these smart hacks recommended by industry experts.

Enable app store optimization

Like search engine optimization, ASO increases your app’s visibility to boost your app’s presence in search results. The higher your app ranks in search results, the higher the chances of it being downloaded by users. One popular means of ASO is keyword optimization. Keyword optimization makes use of branded keywords (words or phrases that has your app’s name or variations of it) to drive traffic to your app. These keywords are what your potential users are using to find apps.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using keywords:

  • Use Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to get an idea of the right keywords.
  • Don’t repeat keywords. It won’t have any effect.
  • Localize your keywords for different countries.
  • Instead of typing out numbers, use the actual numerical value (say, 8 instead of ‘eight’)
  • The App Store limits keywords to 100 characters while Google Play sets the limit at 167. Make use of all of it.
  • Write a good description for your app

    Your app’s description can capture your users’ attention. That’s why the copy should shine in itself. The first 255 characters of your description are crucial because it’s what your users will see without having to tap the ‘read more’. From the very start, highlight your app’s function, best features, and benefits. The point of view of your narration should always be from your user’s perspective. For the extended description, add what problems your app solves, positive reviews from users or publications, and updates news.

    Consider using Facebook mobile installs

    Facebook’s mobile ads allows users to download your app via the Facebook and news feed. The number of downloads and installs your ads have generated are also shown for better campaign tracking. Facebook is known for its demographic targeting so your app will reach its intended market.

    Use beautiful screenshots to give a preview of your app

    Custom screenshots are a great way to give a sneak peek of your app. Emphasize your app’s most important features and add some usage scenarios to let potential users have an idea of what your app looks like and how it works. The App store lets you upload 5 screenshots while Google Play lets you upload 8.

    Ask for reviews or ratings

    This is a way to engage with users and improve your product. Reviews can convince potential users that your app is worth downloading. You send emails or use push notifications to ask for reviews. There are also plenty of review sites to reach out to reviewers. Wondering how to deal with negative reviews? Respond right away and let them know that you’re working on their complaint. This reflects that you care for users.

    These are just some of the ways you can get your app noticed. There are plenty more ways to promote your app – let’s discuss them together!

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